Wednesday, June 25, 2008


for the first time time in my life i feel proud to be malaysians .
dengan gaduh sane sini . racism . politics and all . well i didnt say that i particularly know everything that is happening in this world . tapi somehow i still know a bit la . cummon , GANGS and PUAK2 ni! macam bodo! fights here and there . with your own people . we suppose to help each other out! to me . we still leave in the third class mentality .i mean , kerje nak jage tepi kain orang , hasad dengki . ohh and not only like racism between races , ngn KAUM sendiri pn ade . ahh fuckin shits man .sampai satu tahap i am ashamed to admit that i am malaysians , i am sick with typical love songs that has being create .sick with india lepak ngn india and cina lepak ngn cina and ni paling best . as far as i've been through laa .KELANTAN dgn KELANTAN je .
rase mcm makhluk asing blaja sane . to kelantanese , i know some of you is not like that . well i am sorry for being harsh . but i'm telling the truth
this is not just an odinary songs . not like some malaysian artistes who sucks like hell . meyampaikan sesuatu yang dirasakan sampai tapi TIDAK kesampaian pn maknanya . and it really hurts by just listening to it .buat lagu tuh jangan boring sangat bole an?!

i've once give up on besabar dengan pecah belah dan racism , and this song really wake me up again . so from now on . i support this unity work! hooyeah!

david teo- you have such a decent and brave heart .good job! finally someone really spoken up!
and dalam ni atilia hot gile! haha . kay enuff for the crap

just watch listen enjoy and support it!

for more details go to this site

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