Friday, April 29, 2011

DAY 1.1. Step uno!

Its been a rough 21 days. Busy with work and all. But promise is a promise and mission is still ON! . SO I restart again everything. First im gonna show u guys how I re made my room. A good start will always be the first u step when you woke up. Sooooo, I’ve decided to re made my room . What I do is. I divided my room into two parts. now now now...I will brag you with my itsy bitsy story.

First part is the studio; I put all my artwork and my beloved team (TERATAK MALAM) artwork at wall for inspiration. My Studio is the place where I can lepak2 and do my work. It’s also a nice place for basic shooting. Here I can do painting, designing, writing and also reading. Oh plus plus Its too cozy I might sleep here too! How I manage to do that? OK! My dad use to have kiosk where he sells all design shirts, dress, shoes and bags. Now the business is closed, all the things that he used to hang were stuck as mess at our home! I got a lot of things that can be used but became the liability of space. What I do is I take few unused boxes, for my laptop table and book table. 3 Lights were install, my wall is covered by paintings.. lalallalala everything is DIY and second hand item! Wauuulaaaahhh, I get my own studio! When your salary is 2 month shorts. U NEED TO GET CREATIVE!

The other side of my room is… OFCOZ my bedddie la love! Haha. There’s bed, place to put my projector so I can watch movie and my cloths. Simple yet nice. Here I can sleep while “berangan” with windows open. Very chill, cozy and WELL COORDINATED! I put my wardrobe as partition so when I do my works I didn’t see my bed and when I sleep, I sleep like there’s no problem at all.

So ok ok ok. You know how I meesed up with clothes all over places. Things uncoordinated when Im busy. So! I also set up place where I can throw my clothes and also other things! Hahahha . Well coordinated right! ?

Takes me 1 day to re made all the placement and 1 day to clean everything up. While cleaning I got packaged of fever, flu and caught due to the UN friendly dust that has been kept in my room for years! Long time fighting! Goodbye dust, HEEEELLLLLOOOOO NEW ROOM!

Enuff talking, more on photos!

This is the photo of my room before i change into magical!





my old wardrobe door

tampal laa sket2 fashion style sebagai kamus hari2! hahah

unused box as laptop table. i also put some decoration of brand tags that i loooove to collect

item used: 2 boxes of shoes, plywood and lights

tiny little library.


My friend is borrowing my projector. so ti was not in the picture.. sooory


As for the partition

bag and shoes place.. awesome

make up and "throwing things" table!

this is the overall look..

credit to izzaz for helping me punch in the wall and carry all the heavy things! much love!

You should try on yourself too. Maybe its different than I am. My advised is go out and get inspired. Go to any cafes, mall, ikea maybe. Do some research and try out! Do and put whatever you love the most. BE BRAVE AND CREATIVE. Takes me months to study how to manage my room. And now it was a success. If I can do it. YOU ALSO CAN!!! So goodluck lovers . and might share some photos to me! Have fun!

Till then, steps one, DONE!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

start new start frfesh-again

after all tough 20 days. i wanna start my mission all over again.

and this time is FOR REAL!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 1

ok so now i am the office. bertolak dalam pukul 6.30 pagi dari bangi dengan duit sbnyk rm13! kena datang awal sebab today got meeting at 9.30. so i need to prepare all the design in hard copy. nak harapkan abang and ayah,mungkin xsempat. so! tumpang la en.izzaz since he was in bangi untuk ambik his design from faizal. fuh! dgn tak tidor lagi saya GIGIH ke office! ahah!

so hajat ke dua ke ofis lebih awal adalah untuk meletakkan gambar2 yg sudah di amik dari internet sebagai rujukan disini. for starters , i will use serena van der woodsen and Blair waldorf for now(i really admire their style of fashion!) .


as for today, i didnt have much time to choose which to wear sbb xsmpt. so i just grab my orange collar t-shirt with straight cut jeans and long cardigan(pink) . as for hijab, i use my favorite chocolate printed pashmina shawl

oh hari ni rajin sket. put some make up while waiting for the file to be transfer

i need coffee! ohh and MONEY! hahaha!

till then. x)

its FRESH!

1st) im tired of looking at this beautiful girls wearing anything they want and still look good . Tak kesah la berhijab atau pun tak. i adore them i really do. cume nya bila sampai di badan ini. it just dosent work out that way! so i cry, fight with the one i love. and kurung dalam bilik watching movie and do nothing but eat(this is other than working lah).

2nd) i always wanted to try something new but at the end it looks like uniform. ughh. it really stress me up when i dont have the power to try and make it change. So i need something new in myself . something FRESH! i wanna look good and i wanna be proud.

3rd) . I've start wearing hijab to office now. I need to start it slow. but will get to complete hijab. haha! anyway, whoever know me will understood that i really dont know how to wear a tudung. i will look like a mess!

The mission, i wanna try new things,new style. since with this size and "not so pretty to the world" look sangat lah susah nak fit in. i wanna make a change.

So what i wanna do is. i start doing research. follow some blogs,buy magazines and download some pictures as my dictionary to accomplish my mission. maybe if i post this, i will help girls like me as well! haha!

till then . wait for my next post!!